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Taking a Stand: 6 Fall Prevention Strategies for Seniors

Posted on June 3, 2019

We’ve all seen it, you know, the old commercial where a senior falls in her home and cries out that she’s fallen and can’t get up. So many recognize the commercial that today that line is practically a punch line. However, the reality is, falling is no laughing matter – especially for seniors. Did you […]

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Mother’s Day: 5 Fantastic Ways to Celebrate with Your Senior Mom

Posted on May 5, 2019

Mother’s Day is almost here, and it’s the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time with the important women in your life – for many, that means visiting a senior mom or grandmother being cared for at a skilled nursing facility. While your mother or grandmother will be glad to just spend time with you, […]

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5 Early Signs It Might Be Time for Your Loved One to Transition to Memory Care

Posted on April 10, 2019

Whether your loved one has Alzheimer’s disease, dementia or is just starting to show signs of memory loss, knowing when it’s time for memory care is never an easy choice. However, there are early signs you can look out for to make the optimal and most timely decision on transitioning your loved one to a […]

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